Vlog | Addicted To Coffee


It's most peoples' daily pick-me-up. Part of the morning routine and seems like it's a religious item to have in a household. Can;t complain though because now, I'm addicted to coffee.

Just a few weeks ago, drinking coffee was a rarity for me. I would only drink milk and the times I drank coffee in a  year could be counted with one single hand. True story. Little did I know that I would soon need this magical "cup of Joe" in my mornings. My parents wouldn't believe me if I told them but they do laugh a bit every time I do get coffee around them. 

Now it's time to go and look for a nice coffee mug to drink out of and show you all! The reason I stayed away from coffee for so long was the idea that it would deteriorate my bones. not quite sure how true this is since there are many conflicting studies out there. Whatever the case may be now, coffee is here to stay, so let me know what your favorite coffee is down in the comment section below!

Also! There is a cool video coming out soon! We shot a car seat challenge at Don McGill Toyota Houston and the kids were on their best behavior and couldn't have done it without them! Take a look at behind the scenes from the vlog below!

Tell me your favorite coffee down below!! Go!!

Vlog | We Really Like This Car


Last week was an interesting one. At least one that was interesting compared to the previous weeeks filled with natural disasters around the world. Thankfully we made it past the devastation from Harvey and have been gradually getting back to normal. We drove to San Antonio and back on the same day... twice within a 2 day span. I love driving, but after driving on some somewhat boring roads and lack of scenic sights, you get tired a little faster than say a nice scenic drive.

No complaining though, it's not about that today! We drove the 2018 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring AWD and had a great time together. Back in March, in case you missed it, we drove the 2016 Mazda CX-5 in San Diego, and were able to see the changes first hand. This is a really nice small crossover SUV with the ability to deliver a sporty driving experience. For a small SUV there is still a decent amount of cargo space. 31 cu. ft. with the seats up and 60 cu. ft. with the seats folded down in fact. Powering the drive is the same 2.5L SkyActiv engine pushing out 187 horsepower at 6,000 RPM and 185 lb. ft. of torque at 4,000 RPM.

There will be a review coming up soon but for now you can see our vlog and adventures below!

Do you enjoy driving? If so, what makes it enjoyable?

What Is It Like Being Young Latino Parents?


On the latest episode of our family series on YouTube, Fridays With The Fam, Ashley and I opened up about being young Latino parents. Since we made the decision to be parents, we have seen, been told, and in some unacceptable ways even been ridiculed for making that personal decision. There seems to be an invisible social standard that seems to be imposed on all people and when someone falls out of line, they're automatically inferior, looked down upon, and wrong in all ways possible. I may seem like I'm just blabbing out and hating, but the reality of it all is that we want to break that stereotype, and dare I say, "social norm". We want to inspire parents in all stages of parenting and let them know that they are the best parents they can be for their kids. We also want to show that there is nothing special about being the "man of the house" or the "macho man" status, whatever that means. Rounding it up, breaking down what society and our culture think masculinity should be like.

A little background on us, my wife is 22 years old and I am 23 going on 24 very soon. We made the decision to become parents and made it happen under the difficult circumstances and slim chance of having a successful pregnancy. We've devoted our lives to our daughter, who is now 2, and want to be involved in all stages of her life as much as possible. Ashley is from a Mexican-American background and I come from a Guatemalan-American background, and we strive to teach and preserve, tradition, culture, and customs as much as we possibly can. We share with you how important it is for the both of us and open up to you in a way to inspire and to share our lives with other parents, young or old.

Take a moment to join the conversation and learn a little more about us on the 4th episode of Fridays With The Fam below! Feel free to like and join us by subscribing on YouTube!

How were your first months as a parent? Did everyone around you take it well or were you celebrated?

Justin Furstenfeld and Don McGill Toyota Give Away Car To Local Houstonian in #DrivingHoustonHome Campaign

Blue October

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a private event where Justin Furstenfeld, the lead man of the band Blue October, was going to perform. One thing we didn't know was that Justin partenered up with Don McGill Toyota to give a local Houston family a brand new car! Apart from the compassion and heartfelt performance, my wife was also a big fan so it was a special moment for us too. Before this event I personally did not know much about Blue October besides a few of their hit songs, but Justin's hometown is Houston, Texas, just like myself and some of you! In this new partnership, Justin plans to keep giving back to the city in the new #drivehoustonhome campaign.

At this private event, Justin mentioned how he was helped when he was at his lowest point in life and now finds himself in a position were he can do the same for others. Towards the end of the event, Justin invited Mike Mynatt, General Manager of Don McGill Toyota, onto the stage to announce how he was going to give back and who was going to be the first to receive a helping hand in this effort. Mike said "We’re wanting to give back to the city of Houston...this partnership with Justin will do that in so many ways.”.

I was moved by all the feelings here and after coming back from a trip where I was giving back to the community, it was like fuel for the fire and drive in me to keep helping those in need through the resources we have. There is something special about helping those in need, it's not only self fulfilling but also gives hope to those who felt that the light at the end of the tunnel would never come soon enough. Jim Cooper was that person. Despite being recently diagnosed with stage four liver and colon cancer, he never let anyone think there was something wrong with him, never late to work or chemotheraphy appointments. With only one car, he and his wife, Lynn, had to get to separate jobs on a car that was failing on them, and in some cases, had to take the Metro system to get around. Even with all of these hardships, Jim always had a positive outlook on things. This is where Justin came in to lend a helping hand and bring change to those circumstances.

Mike called the family up to the stage to share their story and let them know they had something for them when a side door opened to reveal the brand new Corolla from Don McGill Toyota! Everyone gasped and applauded Jim, his family, Justin and the Don Mcgill Toyota Team.  

Jim Cooper and his wife Lynn

Mike Mynatt - General Manager of Don McGill Toyota

This was a memorable experience for us, as well as the other 100 devoted fans that were present to see it all. From the heartfelt and high energy performance by Justin to the tears of joy and relief of a new Corolla, this was an example of compassion at its best. This is just the beginning of a year-long #drivehoustonhome campaign !

See the emotional and inspiring video below!

Don McGill Toyota Houston

Don McGill Toyota Houston

Blue October

Blue October

What are some ways that your city or community could be helped?

Latino Dad 2017 | The First Latino and Multi Cultural Event For Dads

Latino Dad Summit 2017 - Credit 
A few months back, a conversation arose amongst a table full of passionate dads who shared about fatherhood on social media. The idea to create an event for latino and multi cultural dads was first introduced by the now founder of Latino Dad, Michelle Olvera. We all came to the same conclusion that there was a need for a latino dad event, summit, or conference where we can all come together and share our voice, parenting, culture, technology, education, and resources for parents. Soon after, the Latino Dad Summit was created and there I was, hanging out with dads at the first inaugural Latino Dad Summit.
The idea of dads coming together to learn, share, and listen to others is awesome! It felt special and there was so much shared here, from personal experiences, to resources for dads. This was not just another event, but the first of its kind. There were all kinds of dads here too, everyone had a different story to tell and not all of us are on social media. Many of the speakers were influencers or youtubers, but there were also proud dads, young minds paving the way with STEM programs, and those that stand for a stronger voice in fatherhood.
I had the pleasure to reunite with some friends of mind and also meet with some dads for the first time. I had the chance to speak on the again with Jorge Narvaez from Reality Changers, see Manny from The Way I Dad, and many other dads like my friend Chef Ronaldo, Roberto from An Interdisciplinary Life , Juan Pablo from Two Pablos And Twins, and new friend of mine Joel from Just Obviously Enjoying Life. This event is just the beginning of this discussion and the start of something great for us dads that have been looking for a place to share, connect and learn with those that we can relate to.
There were some awesome brands, some of which you will see a lot more of in the coming weeks. Some of the brands there were local, others new start-ups, and some that have been around long enough that your grandma knows who they are haha. These are brands like Jarritos, Goya, Dove Men + Care, Carlos Shoe by Carlos Santana, Calchonies, Subway, and many more! The environment was fun and open to all kinds of discussions. I'm looking forward to the next one adn invite you to be a part of Latino Dad Summit 2018 ! I'll announce that once I get news of the event date! For now, enjoy the vlog from my hectic but awesome day at the airport and Latino Dad 2017 !
What are some topics that are important in parenting that need to be discussed more??

LAX was really but great to look at

Smarty Pants Vitamins were there too!


Vlog | Weather Manipulation - HAARP Used To Create Harvey and Irma ??


This week has brought up many questions and weird, or otherwise abnormal, weather patterns. The City of Houston, after being hit with record level rainfall, is still recovering from the damage and some streets are still flooded. The real question going around, now that the public has some basic knowledge of weather manipulation technology, also, is if both Harvey and Irma have been created by HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program).

The world is getting warm but I believe that the it hasn't gotten that hot to the point were these super storms are doing things not seen ever before. Things like growing from a normal tropical depression to a full flown category 4 hurricane in a matter of 3-4 days. We don't have the answers and I am no meteorologist, not that I think they would have answer either.

I hadn't really thought about this but it may very well be true. The U.S. has 3 HAARP installations, 2 in Alaska and 1 in Puerto Rico. There are other countries with this technology as well. If that is the case, would this be considered an attack on the U.S. people??

What are your thoughts on this?

I briefly talk about this on the vlog below ( later in the video )

Hurrican Harvey Aftermath In Houston, Texas | #DadTalkThursdays


The city of Houston, the most diverse city in the United States, was hit with the bands of heavy rain from Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane made landfall in Rockport, Texas as a category 4 storm and affected most of the Texas coast. It's been a week since we started to prepare for the worst and when the Houston area started to receive heavy downpours. Many streets flooded in the first couple of hours and that was just the beginning.

The world has been able to see how the city of Houston and surrounding areas come together in time of need and break through the screens of prejudice, racism, and hate. Houston has shown the world that we can all come together as people without looking at color, race, or society status. Our family has been fortunate to have stayed dry but we are anxious to go out and help those that were not so fortunate. In fact, we just adopted a family and have all of our donations ready to take to shelters. 

I've been absent of social media for a few days but now I want to show you all that it's not just the wanting to help that makes the difference but actually going out and doing the work. My wife and I have the flexibility to work from home so we can devote most of our time to go out and help and show our compassion and be the difference the world needs.

The Pearland, Texas area, a large suburban area south of Houston, is where we live and not all of it went unaffected. Many areas around us had high water and even to this day we are somewhat trapped in this area and can't really go anywhere more than a 2 mile radius. We did get nervous and lost a lot of sleep when all the bayous and reservoirs around us were about to go over their banks. The thought of us living less than a block from all these bodies of waters had us wondering if we should have just left to San Antonio, where we were planning to evacuate to before we found out the storm was going to hit over there. It didn't end up doing that and we felt that we were now in danger of the flooding but what can you do when a storm is so unpredictable and large that it affects over 300 miles of coast. Also keep in mind that this storm went from a tropical depression to a category 4 within 3 days.

Why didn't people evacuate? Well the ones that have been quick to mention or critique our leadership and organizations are not from here and don't know what happened during Hurricane Rita and how millions of people tried leaving the city. Some spent over 24 hours on the road between Houston and San Antonio, a trip that usually takes about 3 hours. Many would have been trapped in the highways and that alone would have caused hundreds of flood related deaths on the flooded highways and roads. There are many factors but in reality why does that matter now? we can't change the past, adn these are times where the way we react to our circumstances can bring light and hope to other peoples lives. 

According to a local news station, the Houston area received over 9 trillion gallons of water over the course of the storm. That is enough to flood areas in Houston that have never flooded before. Ever. The numbers are record breaking and unfortunate for thousands of neighbors. The Pearland area received over 55" of rain , as much as the city usually gets in an entire year! 

So what can you do you may ask? There are many things you can do and it all starts by wanting to do something. You can look  for shelters and organizations that are taking in donations ( some shelters have stopped taking donations due to capacity/storage) , you can always donate to a charity or organization, you can offer to wash a families clothes, offer a warm place to stay for a family, relative, or friend. There are many places that are looking for volunteers for both day and night shifts. There are over 20,000 people misplaces by the flood waters and tornadoes that struck the area ( Over 120 tornado warnings issued, the most ever).

There were also many casualties and as a dad I want to go out and help those families with kids that have no idea what losing their home means or the extent of the damage. And as a dad I want to help as many families get back on their feet and as a city rebuild and show the world how the most diverse city in the United States can stand together as one people. My daughter has no idea what is going on except for the rain that constantly hit our windows. 

We adopted a family and will be looking to help as many people that we can with our resources.
For all those parents watching from different parts of the world, embrace your family and never take a moment for granted as well as the home and blessings of life. Take care and now that our family is safe and we are going our to rebuild lives and our city.


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