Child Support Awareness Month | #DadTalkThursdays

Welcome back to another #DadTalkThursdays ! The month of August is Child Support Awareness Month and the DSHS is hoping to not only bring awareness but also to help those who face barriers when it comes to financially supporting their families. With 360,000 kids being helped each year and 682 million dollars collected through child support, there is an obvious need for strong father figures in today's society. I want to help shed some light on this and remind dads that being loving, caring, and involved in their children's lives does not make them less of a man. Of course, there is a multitude of different reason why a father is missing from a family. Some worthy, and some not so much. This is the reality and the plain thought of 24 million children living without their biological dad is staggering. ( National Fatherhood Initiative).
Take a look at these stats and you will realize how important a father's role is in our children's lives! Dads aren't just the provider, the bread winner, the man of the house. It's really none of that quite frankly. Our kids need a role model, someone to look up to, strong family values, and a dad to love them, talk to, play with, and be there for them. If you took a look at those last stats, a fathers' absence is near detrimental to a kids life. I would love to see these numbers go down,  and as a dad blogger / influencer, I feel the responsibility to shed all the light possible on these realities. 

I am fortunate to have had a great dad in my life but life is not perfect and there were moments where I started to act up or feel down. Looking back at those times in my life I can see a correlation between my dad going on long work trips, missing my birthdays because of it and how I behaved and thought. I can remember feeling a disconnect, even though my dad was in my life, he wouldn't be there for many weeks at some points. Now I understand and can see how a father's absence can affect a home. 
So whether you pay child support through monetary means or give your quality time and bond with your kids, there is a need for this awareness. There is a need for more father figures, there are kids in need. And in all honesty, I believe that our communities and societies would be in a much better state if fathers would simply be involved in their families lives. Would you agree? 
I invite you to be the best dad you can be, not only for yourself but because your kids deserve a loving and involved dad. 

You can watch the Facebook Live about Child Support Awareness Month below!
See you back next week for #DadTalk Thursdays
What are your thoughts on fatherhood today??

Can You Ride A Bike Through Your Local Golf Course | VLOG 104


I haven't been as active as I used to be or should be but when the weather clears up you take advantage of the outdoors. With thunderstorm warnings coming up on the forecast, I took the bikes out for a ride through the local golf course. Disclaimer! Please check with your local golf course if they allow bikes or joggers through the property. A quick side note, have you seen that challenge where people are getting run over by a golf cart?! Who comes up with that, not sure why anyone would be willing to do that. Anyway, there was none of that here but I did come close to getting hit by a golf ball while trying to get a picture int he middle of the course haha. That would have been my fault at full. Thankfully that did not happen. 

I'm glad that I have an adventurous family that is up for spontaneous things. We have a goal of completing the whole golf course in one trip next time we go since we had to cut our trip short. I love riding through the golf course because it has a nice topography ( elevation changes ), something that there isn't much of here in the gulf coast. My favorite bike trails are at Memorial Park though. If you love bike trails or mountain biking, that is probably the best places to go within the city of Houston.  See the vlog and let me know where your favorite bike trails are at? 

Vlog 104

What's your favorite outdoor activity?

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline AWD RTL-E | Utility, Space, and Adventure


I had the chance to test the 2017 Honda Ridgeline AWD RTL-E and find out what Honda had to offer in utility, performance, and comfort. Honda has been the automotive choice in my family since I can remember so this was a drive a bit closer to home. Most of the previous tests have been on SUV's or crossovers so getting a truck was different. A good different. Read along and see what I was able to do with the Ridgeline and the utility perks that it offers.

In case you missed it! Hispanicize Texas was just a few weeks ago and since I was helping out in building the FABLatinos photo wall, the Ridgeline came in extremely handy in transporting the pallets needed to build the project. The truck was also the safe transport tot he hospital when Mila got hurt. There were some interesting things that happened and I'm sharing them all with you here. It goes to show that life is not always perfect. There are good and bad times, and Honda was there for us in every moment.

Arriving at home with the pallets

6 pallets to build the FABLatinos Photo wall at Hispanicize Texas

We were looking for places that either sold or gave away pallets and came across one place that only had 3 pallets to give away. Unfortunately, they were all different sizes and we had to continue our search for 6 equally sized pallets. While on this search, I was finding the Ridgeline's world's first dual action side opening tailgate. Very useful in reaching in and placing the pallets in with much less effort or running the chance of getting hurt. There's even a compartment in the bed of the truck for extra storage, a first in-bed-trunk. Useful for a cooler, some camping chairs or tents, groceries, or anything that fits in the 7.3 cu.ft. of cargo space. The cool thing is that it is even lockable and sealed. We left some of the decorative flowers, some personal items, and camera equipment in there instead of leaving them inside the truck and covering them up with Mila's blankets ( lol you've probably done that too!). The actual bed of the truck, from top to bottom, offers 33.9 cu. ft. of cargo space. Some may argue that the bed isn't deep enough, but adding some utility to the bed seems pretty ingenious to me. I would use that a whole lot more than a needing a deeper bed. It all comes down to your needs! The Ridgeline has a payload of 1,584 pounds, and 5,000 pounds of towing force. Very capable for the active family! 

World's First Dual Action Tailgate

World's First In-Bed-Trunk - Sealed and Lockable

We ended up finding the 6 pallets, and as you can tell from the pictures, the bed length was just fine and we saw how capable the Ridgeline really was. I however, will agree that the front of the truck could receive a facelift, as it is not the nicest to look at. I think it's due to the fact that it doesn't need a large 8 cylinder engine block. I could be wrong and it really may just be a new experimental design/approach to their line-up. Maybe we just have the idea of  a large and more squared/boxy front design is the only way a truck should look like. I didn't mind that as much as what I  found a bit disappointing in the interior. Coming up on the review!

I had the opportunity to test out this innovative truck for a week and see what it was all about! I think this truck is the best truck for the city and for the adventurous family! I got some great MPG out of the Earthdreams engine. We were glad Honda allowed us to be the heavy muscle of this project and carry the main components of the photo wall. We would have had a hard time getting the pallets otherwise. Stay tuned for the review later this week and see the full details! 

What would be the primary use of a truck in your family?

How Your Child's Injury Affects You | Dad Talk Thursdays


It's another Thursday around here and I want to welcome you back to another Dad Talk Thursdays Series! It's been nonstop around here and wanted to sit down and talk about the effects your child's injury/injuries affect you. As a dad or parent, we feel like a superhero and ever present to protect our little ones from danger.  Unfortunately, accidents do happen and when they do, they happen so fast that you feel powerless, incapable of protecting the ones you love. I had a hard time getting over the incident and still am recovering. But I had to uplift myself and look at the bright side of this incident. I want my daughter to heal right and without any set backs so we had to be positive and try to live life as normal as it was before. 

 Allow me to go back a couple of weeks and explain what happened. Then I will also explain why we, especially myself, were shocked once we received the unfortunate news. My wife, sister in law, and I were watching TV and Mila ( my daughter ) was playing right in front of us. Everything was normal until my little brother in law, who happens to be the same age as Mila, 2, and her began to fight over a roll of vinyl paper. I got up to take it away, and as I did, Mila took off running and in some way that I can't comprehend, slipped on the paper and as she hit the floor she let out a terrifying cry ( still haunts my dreams to be honest) . We didn't find out what was wrong until we got to the hospital. We checked her for about 15 minutes and that's when we realized there was something seriously wrong. The crazy thing is that she has fallen much harder than that and been completely fine. 

Once at the hospital and after some xrays, we received the news that Mila had a fracture on her femur, the strongest bone in the human body. How could that happen from a slip and fall? That I will never understand, and if the Dr.'s couldn't explain it, I'll die trying to figure it out. I felt powerless, incapable, weak, and even hopeless. At a point, I even started to get depressed. Once I started to feel this weight on me, I had to make a change and my main driving force was showing my daughter that we could be positive during hard times. It was hard for me, especially the first week. It happened right in front of us. How did I let that happen? Am I not capable of watching after my daughter? These thoughts were killing me day and night. I had to understand that it wasn't my fault. I've done crazy action sports, had bad falls, accidents, and had never broken or fractured a bone. I couldn't comprehend how someone, especially a strong and developing baby, could have such injury from a slip and fall. 

Fast forward three weeks and we are almost back to normal in regards to our way of life. I got over the depressive thoughts and am being the best and most supportive dad my daughter could ever have. That's what it's about. Sometimes we have to be stronger for others and I believe this is one of those circumstances. In fact,  I became stronger because of it. I could have been depressed and sitting down still thinking about what I could have done but I MADE A CHOICE to be happy and that it wasn't anything worse. I have my daughter, and I am here to be loving, caring and involved. I want to be an example to her and show others that it's the way we react to external circumstances that help us get through hard times in our lives. Fatherhood depression is real and I wrote about my findings in this post

Stay positive, loving, caring and involved in your child's lives!

Have You Or Your Child Ever Gotten A Serious Injury? How Did You Handle The Situation?

What I Learned After Creating 100 Vlogs


This week we hit 100 vlogs on YouTube, and even though that may seem like a lot for some, when you create daily vlogs, that number creeps up faster than you'd think. I started to vlog for multiple reasons and one of them was simply to get more creative in the shooting and editing process. I wanted to vlog, I wanted to share a part of my life and adventures with the community created. So after all of these videos, hours of editing, frustration, late nights, lost files, and uninteresting days, I want to share with you what I learned after creating 100 vlogs. Let's get right into it!

There are 5 main things I want to point out and each of these can branch out into their own sub topics that each individual will learn differently depending on their creative process. Take note, I am no professional videographer but I have learned some things that you can benefit from or understand, especially if you are thinking of starting your own vlogs / YouTube channel. 

1. Being Original and Raw

This has been something that I've always strived for since the inception of my YouTube channel. Vlogs are like diary entries in a video format and that's where you share your life as raw as it is. Yes you can edit things out, in case you blank out or spoke a bit too long, edit transitions and effects, but at the end of the day it's about you being original and what you can bring to your community. They want to meet you as who you are, not an actor or someone that is trying to portray someone they are not. 

2. YouTube Will Be Your Best Friend

I began editing on a software called Filmora. That is a one time fee of about $40 bucks and had a very easy interface. You can start editing with iMovie which is free and does nearly everything this program had to offer. I soon upgraded to using Premiere Pro and that's when a lot of my frustrations occurred. I found myself on YouTube many times looking up tutorials and how to use the basic controls. At one point I got so frustrated that I resorted going back to using Filmora only to be going back a few days later once I understood how to edit on the new program. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. apart from being a video platform, so getting on there to search how to do something can apply to anything you're working on.

3. Make The Most Out Of Your Gear You Already Own

Sometimes I get asked about the gear I use for photography and videos and usually get taken away when I show them what I use. Up to this point, the gear I've used have been my Canon EOS SL1 (100D) and my iPhone 6S Plus. Yeah, that's is all. The SL1 is an entry level DSLR that comes in a light and portable package. It features an 18MP APSC sensor, no tilt or articulating screen, but does shoot up to 60fps at 1080HD. Learning how to get the most out of the gear I own has allowed me to make the best quality of work that I was able to both in photography and videos/vlogs. Smartphones are amazing tools that can shoot 120 fps at a decent quality and they are small, easy to carry around, and a great start to creating videos if you're ona budget or need a secondary camera. The gear you own does not matter if you don't know how to use it. You may have a $6,000 dollar camera but if you don't know how to use it, you won't be able to bring out its full worth. So get on YouTube, practice shooting and understand what your camera can and cannot do.

4. Post Consistently

Being consistent does not mean daily, unless you plan on being a daily vlogger as in my case. I've had a hard time being consistent but once I started doing so I noticed by channel would get more views, more subscribers, and more watch time. Try to post your videos on the same day and at a similar time. YouTube's algorithim picks this up and ranks you up when it sees consistency, watch time, and engagement.

5. Have Fun

If you don't enjoy and have fun creating these vlogs/ videos, your audience will take notice and you will be losing a lot of time and effort. YouTube can take a while to grow depending on the content and frequency that you post. Make sure that vlogs are fun to create and the editing process becomes a lot more fun. I'm telling you from experience. There were times where I wasn't feeling it and it showed in the vlogs. Once I began to have fun with ALL of the vlogs, I had fun editing, choosing the music and sharing my life, my story, my adventures with you all.

I hope these tips and lessons learned can teach you a thing or two about what goes into making vlogs. If there si anything else I can shine some light on, feel free to let me know in the comment section below!

Check out our latest vlog!

Hispanicize Texas : A Recap And A Look Behind The Scenes


Hispanicize launched its first inaugural Hispanicize Texas event in Houston this past July 29th at Silver Street Studios. This is where many influencers, brands, PR representatives come together to learn, network, and find/create new opportunities. This is the 2nd branch of Hispanicize, with the main event being held annually in Miami, and the first event to branch out is Hispanicize L.A. 2017 will mark the 3rd annual event for Los Angeles. Hispanicize, however, did host the first event in Houston about a year and a half ago.. It was a small networking mixer that had a great turnout despite the short notice. There is a great potential in the Texas multi cultural market and I beleive brand s and businesses are starting to realize the potential in their communities. 

Hispanicize Texas was an all day event covering topics from Livestreaming to landing a book deal, and understanding business for influencers to learning what brands are looking for in influencers and bloggers. There is a whole market that most people don't understand, and I don't expect them too. some brands are barely understanding and trying to tap into influencer marketing. I'll leave it right there and not get too technical. I had the opportunity to work the event and help out in building the FABLatinos pallet wall. 

I caught up with many of my Texas friends and made many new friends. There's always a fun side to business though and the breaks were presented by United Airlines in celebrating over 25 years of flight service to Latin America. 5 of the countries that performed their cultural dances were, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, and Peru. I shared a lot of cool and fun stories on my Instagram Stories so be sure to connect with me there as well as Facebook so you don't miss out on my livestreams! 

Here is the vlog covering the before, during and after of Hispanicize Texas! 

What Makes A Networking Event Fun AND Valuable?

Hyundai's Media Launch Of The New Sonata and Elantra GT In San Diego


Let's start this by simply saying how awesome yet hard this trip was. Yeah it was an awesome experience and one of the best automotive events I've had the chance to attend but I was going away from my family during a difficult time. Nevertheless, I learned a lot of valuable information not only about Hyundai and their new vehicles, but the automotive journalism industry. Hyundai has come a long way and is dedicated to making their driver's lives better. In fact all of their Sonata trim models come standard with Blind Spot Detection (BSD) and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA). Safety and value are defintely a priority for  Let's get into how Hyundai allowed me to give back to the community and drive through the amazing roads of Southern California!

I arrived in San Diego for the second time after a brief flight from Houston, found the chauffeur waiting for me at baggage claim ( I thought I was going to be riding in a shuttle with other attendees lol ), and got dropped off at the Lodge at Torrey Pines. In case you don't recall or haven't read it, I was in San Diego earlier this year and I was excited to be back in one of our favorite places! I had plenty of time to settle in and explore the area, have some lunch, and catch up with friends. The place was beautiful, overlooking the golf course and the sunset over the Pacific horizon. I had my first look at the new 2018 Hyundai Sonata and was impressed by the redesigned front fascia and rear bumber. The Sonata gives off a more sporty look and most definitely feels sporty too. The cascading front grill has more presence along with the LED DRL's ( Daytime Running Lights) and looks awesome coming up in the rear view mirror! 

I was looking forward to this media launch because my first experience with a Hyundai vehicle was great for our family and I wanted to learn more about the brand and their vehicles. I partnered up with our friend Lizza from XOXO Lizza and sat through a presentation that showed the pre-release of the newest commercial ad, "Duet",  airing on TV starting this week, along with specs, design, and technology. Th higher trim model Sonata's offer Clari-fi, which restores the natural sound of recording that is lost to compression. Good example of compression can be heard on XM Radio. The Harman Kardon speakers offered a quality sound experience! We both connected to Bluelink, which allows your smartphone to connect to the vehicle, turn on the car, flash the lights, turn on the climate control and other commands. This was my first chance to get a feel for the interior of the Sonata and I will admit that I was pleased with the aesthetics and space. Soon we were off on our way on what an amazing race type scavenger hunt! This was exciting as we took off towards our first destination with the 245HP and 260 Lb.Ft. of torque delivered from the 2.0L Turbocharged direct injection engine. The drive was comfortable, smooth and yet sporty. The Sonata has a sport tuned suspension and an 8 speed automatic transmission with SHIFTRONIC. The Dual Clutch Transmission was pretty quick and smooth. Paired with the paddle shifters, only a fun and sporty drive awaits.

We were the first ones to arrive at Helen Woodward Animal Center and deliver some goods for the shelter. It felt so good to do something nice for someone through #randomactsofbetter ! We hanged out there for a while while others caught up and had the chance to play with the puppies and take some pics. Soon after we took off toward our lunch location which was held at the historic Julian's Grille, in Julian California. There was about an hours worth of driving between locations and I really got a feel for the car both on open road, canyon roads and normal city traffic. 

I didn't get pics of the awesome food there but if you ever find yourself in the town of Julian, make sure you stop by and have some of their famous pie! The town has a huge American flag over its local corner store and we made sure to get a photo of this for you all to see! There was also a cool direction post with many signs on it so I made sure to get a picture of that too. The road to our next location, the Rady Children's Hospital, was one was excited for and couldn't wait to donate all the toys and books we had for them in the spacious 16.5 cu. ft. of trunk space! Due to security and safety reasons, we were not allowed to go in and greet the kids but my heart goes out to them and I'm glad that I delivered some happiness to those in need.

 The good deeds were not over and neither was the drive with the Sonata. I took some time to take a real close look at all the changes of the exterior. The biggest takeaway is the front fascia, the rearbrake lightss are slimmer and there is a black diffuser panel in the rear. You can also tell that the license plates have been moved down and the there is no trunk latch from the outside. Hyundai placed the new button within the Hyundai badge. Looks great!

We had one more stop to make and it was another #randomactsofbetter ! We were going to pay it forward at a nearby Starbucks. We had to wait a bit for the next person to come through the drive through but a nice woman with her kid drove up and seeing their reaction to a good deed was priceless! I got it on my Instagram Stories so  make sure you follow me there so you don't miss out on all the behind the scenes and all the random happenings! The drive was nearing to an end but there were some more awesome activities left for day 1. I rested up a bit, facetimed my wife and Camila, took in some views from the room balcony, finished up some editing, and made my way down to the lawn for some painting and cocktails. I'm not that good at painting but the compliments made me think I was awesome at that kind of stuff lol. Needless to say, I had a great time and I had a great impression of the new Sonata. 

Between the painting and the dinner, I took the opportunity to take a quick walk to the cliffs and get some pictures of the sunset. It was breathtaking! I was looking for a way to get down to the shore but it was getting dark and I wasn't willing to take a fall over 150 feet lol. No way. I made my way back and chatted with some awesome content creators, influencers, and PR representatives. I called it a night a bit early since I needed to catch up on the video editing and so I could talk to Camila before going to sleep.

My painting along the new 2018 Sonata

Sunset At Torrey Pines Cliffs

I was excited for the following day! We were going to have the first look and drive of the new Elantra GT and GT sport! The day started with breakfast, the briefing of the new Elantra and then we got to drive the vehicles to where our activities were taking place. I opted for the kayaking cave tour in La Jolla. The Elantra GT is a compact hatchback with enough cargo space to beat some of the vehicles in the crossover SUV sector. 55 cu. ft. of cargo space is spacious! The exterior looks sporty, edgy, and just like any hatchback should be, fun!  The road down to La Jolla shores is really nice and I got to feel the suspension, the seats, the infotainment system and the overall experience that Hyundai brings to the market. I'm a young dad that loves to drive and I really enjoyed driving the Elantra GT. The Elantra GT Sport's interior is one you should definitely check out for yourself in person! It looks GOOD! I can't wait to see more of these in the street! 

The kayak tour was awesome! I'm still new to kayaking but Lizza and I did a pretty decent job of not hitting other kayaks or scuba divers near the caves. I got to see the California Sea Lions up close but the highlight of the tour was going inside the cave and taking some quick pictures since the swells going in were starting to get rough. This was an experience I want to go back and share with my family! Check out the vlog to see the whole experience. 

The GT has 162HP and 150 lb. ft. of torque coming from a 4 cylinder 2.0 Liter engine. You get the 6 speed automatic transmission with SHIFTRONIC and a drive mode select. The sport mode was fun and responsive. After the kayak tour, I suggested we drive up Mount Soledad for some panoramic 360 degree views of San Diego. I found this place by accident back in March haha. This was the last drive of my trip to San Diego and I'm excited to see what else Hyundai can bring to the automotive market! See the vlog and the rest of the cool pictures down below!

See The Whole Experience In The Vlog Below

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Looking at the sunset on the cliffs at Torrey Pines

What are some must haves you need in a vehicle?
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