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Dads Are Magic Too... Even When There Isn't An Audience

11:36 AM

This sponsored post is made possible by Baby Magic and in collaboration with Life of Dad, these are my own true and honest opinions.

Dads Are Magic Too...Even When There Isn't An Audience


I thought I knew about love, but that all changed once my daughter was born. The very surreal moment of seeing your baby come to light and holding your own baby for the first time graduates you to the next chapter of life. I had only known what true love was according to what I saw around me; in my parents, newlyweds, and parents with newborns. I wanted to be loving, and I chose to be that way regardless of whether there were people around me or not, because love shines everywhere and I believe Dads Are Magic Too!

To this day, many dads are still seen as the provider of the household, but it’s not just about trying to be the breadwinner or who makes the most money - it’s really about being a provider of care, love, and quality time for your children and family too! My wife and I did so much research before our daughter was born and wanted to be the best parents. In reality, nothing can truly prepare you for the real life experiences you go through as new parents and even as they get older- from finding the right bottles to avoid colic, to learning how to put in a car seat swiftly, and even giving a soft massage with Baby Magic Moisturizing Cream after a bubble bath. I now claim the titles of son, husband, and dad, but being a dad and getting a nice warm hug at a random time are true magical moments of sincere love.


By being an involved father,  I have learned just as many things about myself as I have learned about my daughter! It’s unbelievable and magical! Society can have a different perception of dads, but in reality, many dads are fantastic and helpful parents. Hearing my daughter say “Daddy” once I come home from a meeting or running errands, or seeing her run towards me and hugging me is so heartwarming that it reminds me of how important and privileged I am to be a dad - these are the moments I live for! However, there are also those moments when you get the diaper rash, the little tantrums, food flying everywhere, and having to go to a meeting with spaghetti stains on my shirt... I still love it all! It doesn’t matter what others may think of me, at the end of the day, I am the dad my daughter looks up to and loves.

For all the dads out there, Baby Magic has launched a new campaign, Dads Are Magic Too, putting a spotlight on inspiring dads around the world. As part of their campaign, Baby Magic is making a commitment to include all types of dads in their imagery, ads and online moving forward. The brand is also making a monetary donation to the National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI), staying true to their commitment of teaching the importance of fatherhood and give guidance to dads who may not have had a good example or a role model dad.

Let’s celebrate fatherhood together with Baby Magic by sharing your own fatherhood experience or that of another dad on their Facebook page! If you’d like to volunteer and lead a fatherhood class in your own community, you can find opportunities with and! Check out this heartwarming video Baby Magic made to put the spotlight on loving and caring dads...

When I started this blog, I wanted to bring light to what fatherhood really means and how I could impact, connect, and help out other dads. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to attend a Dad conference in San Diego and connect with some of the most influential dads around. We all have a story, we give it our all in our own different ways, and in every story you will find that Dads Are Magic Too. I’m passionate about connecting with other dads, hearing their stories, and learn that we all in some way are working on showing the world the true meaning of fatherhood.


We all come from different walks of life, but as dads we share a lot of similarities. We cook breakfast, bake cookies and invent new recipes, play in make believe castles and forts, sit down for princess talk or tea time, the list could go on and on! It’s about being there, being involved, it’s what makes all the difference. We don’t lose our masculinity as men by doing these things with our daughters. In fact, we become stronger through the experiences and lessons it teaches us. At the end of the day we are dads and seeing their little eyes looking up to you really make you reflect on how great dads really are. Dads are doing amazing things and I am very glad I learned about the National Fatherhood Initiative and how it’s helping other dads! Check out and Baby Magic to learn how you can be magic too!

What are some of your favorite things to do with your kids?


What I Wore | Hispanicize 2017 Miami

4:07 PM

Happy Wednesday y'all! We're starting a new series around here called "What I Wore Wednesday"! In case you missed it, My wife and I were in Miami for an entire week last week for Hispanicize 2017, and we had to pack multiple outfits which lead to both of use overpacking! But it all worked out because there were plenty of events, panel discussions, private dinners, and awards ceremonies to attend! I want to say, I'm proud of my wife for being a nominee finalist for the 3rd annual Tecla
Awards as a top Instagram Content Creator! We were both honored and proud to be representing the Lone Star State in Miami along with other amazing influencers! This was a week full of excitement and you can get a feel of the experience on the Vlog! ( found below).

Let's get to the outfits! Miami has a warm and somewhat tropical climate ( with a bit of humidity) so I wanted to go the casual and street style route for most of the time there, with the exception of the awards ceremonies. We arrived in Miami Sunday morning and it was non-stop until Thursday night. Since we roadtripped to Miami from Houston, we made a halfway stop near Pensacola to enjoy the trip and take in the sights.


The weather near near Pensacola was a bit cool in the morning, but overall a clear and sunny day. I pulled out some white shorts, a navy long sleeve, and a pair of navy casual shoes. I wanted to be relaxed and comfortable while yet feel like I was on vacation. We walked the pier and took in the views. 



This was the first day we arrived in Miami and since I over packed, as mentioned above, I wanted to get this outfit on and out of the way, but besides that, I love how navy and brown/camel colors go well together. I also wore green chino pants ( we were going to be walking a lot so it would have been too hot for jeans) and a grey tumble washed v -neck shirt to lighten up the top colors. I found these boots at Old Navy for less than $50!


Monday was so fast paced, and I knew it before hand. I also knew that most people where going to be dressed up a little more business casual, and I really didn't want to blend in. As mentioned above, I took on a street style approach and wore this black t-shirt with the word "Slay"  sown unto it ( pretty dope if you ask me), and went with these cotton jeans that have some stretch to it. Shoes are the classic Adidas Superstars. I finished off the outfit with a watch from JORD. Comfortable and stylish all day long.


A large portion of the day was spent on networking, meeting brand representatives, talking to PR agencies, talking to celebrities, and creating new relationships. I dressed it up a little but still kept it casual. Since we were going to be inside most of the day I wore a burgundy denim jacket over  a dark grey graphic t-shirt. On feet, I wore a pair of brown suede chelsea boots I found at H&M that paired well with the jacket and black jeans. You could also pair this outfit with black distressed jeans.


Rooftop pool deck views, fun discussion panels, and more networking. I don't wear my grey lace up boots often, and in this case, I dressed from the bottom up. Keeping it casual again, I wore slightly distressed jeans, black v-neck shirt, and a red and blue plaid button down shirt.


Thursday was the day of the Tecla Awards in which Ashley was a finalist for Instagram Content Creator and we didn't get any full outfit pictures but in case that we find the official pictuers I'll updated here. Friday was the day we were free to do whatever before we took back on the road. We couldn;t get enough of the Wynwood Arts District so we went back like 4 times! I wore a vintage denim jacket since it was a bit cool ( I think there was a cool front rolling in) an olive t shirt with embroidered patches and the distressed black jeans. There was so much color there that I didn't want to compete with the colors around me, so I kept the colors a little more muted. I wore the Adidas Superstar sneakers to stay on the neutral side of the color spectrum lol. 

I hope you found some inspiration or outfit ideas in this post or in previous posts! So once again, I will be doing this every Wednesday! Thanks for reading and let me know what you think in the comment section below ! Also, be sure to check out the Vlog!! Miami brought so many new experiences, new friends, and valuable networking. We enjoyed it so much that we will be going back to Hispanicize 2018 as a family! 

What are some of your favorite spring trends? Have you been to Miami?

Blue Leaf

Marigold Couture Exclusive Launch And Family Fest | The Mommie Series

10:16 AM

It's been a very exciting and fast-paced week while we were in Miami for Hispanicize 2017, but there are other great events happening here in Houston! The Mommie Series is hosting their second quarterly event on April 9th 2017 at Blue Leaf Houston! I've mentioned before that I'm a big supporter of social good and the Marigold Couture spring/summer collection will be benefitting Heroes For Children, a 501-3 (c) that supports families experiencing cancer. The Mommie Series has events like these every quarter and some smaller events in between so if you aren't in town for this weekend, you can join us on the next quarter!

There are amazing organizations in Houston doing great things, and I am excited to have come across The Mommie Series, and connect with a network that brings moms (mainly) and share about 4 main topics that affect us all; Family , Health, Finance, and Fashion. Don't miss out on this amazing network and share with a mom you know! For anyone that is interested in attending this family friendly event, you can uset the discount code " DADDY"  to get 20%  OFF your ticket which gets the whole family in! Learn more about the event here!

Don't forget to follow me on social media as I go live from events, our daily story telling, and spontaneous adventures! You can also connect with The Mommie Series on Facebook!


Rodeo Houston 2017: Things To Do In Houston

4:41 AM

Rodeo Houston is where people from all walks of life come to eat, have fun, see award-winning livestock, and see their favorite artist perform. In a  way, the largest rodeo in the world, becomes Houston's playground during the few weeks it's in town. Going to the rodeo is a family tradition for some, certainly, for us it is! Rodeo Houston 2017 was our 3rd consecutive year and our daughters' 2nd year, not that she remembers much on her first visit though. She is almost 2 years old and was aware of what was going on around her. This is really an event anyone could enjoy.
Some of our favorite things to do ( check out the Vlog too!) are trying out different deep fried food and of course, the huge turkey legs! There is food everywhere and you are bound to run into options never heard before. Apart from the food, we love to seeing the livestock inside, the petting zoo, and all the games you can play. There are so many cool games where you can easily win and take huge stuffed animals home. For the more adventurous or adrenaline junkies, there are some amazing rides that I could probably only do once in a lifetime! Do a bungee jump, get flung in the air, flip upside down, whatever your thrill is, you'll find it here! The views at night are spectacular and you can see the carnival from the highway next to NRG Park.
If you are visiting Houston during the month of March, this is one of the things you should put down in your travel itinerary! Plus, you get to see the iconic Astrodome up close! There are so many amazing things going on in our city like this one here, and  you can be part of it all! Check out the Vlog below and follow our adventures on YouTube

What are some events of your favorite events to attend?

carnival rides
3 years in a row has become into a family tradition

father daughter
Mila and her boots!

father daughter
Rodeo Houston brings fun to all families

Rodeo Houston Carnival

chalkboard wall

Family Movie Night Tutorial With Walmart Family Mobile

5:02 PM

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser, Walmart Family Mobile. All opinions are mine alone. #YourTaxCash #CollectiveBias

There are so many things you can do with your tax return but how about adding value and giving back to your family? It's really easy to go out and spend your tax cash so I want to give you an option to get the most out of your money while also adding to your lifestyle. When it comes to the most important things in your life, most likely your family and money, you want to give the best back to them. With Walmart Family Mobile you can do just that! If being financially smart, getting the best value, and giving back to your family are things you love, read on and see how you can make this happen too!

Many times we stay on the beaten path because that's all we know, but there are other routes you can take that lead to better experiences and add value to your lifestyle. So if you haven't looked into Walmart Family Mobile, here is one of the awesome options you can choose from! I walked into Walmart and glanced over the phone option and picked out the Samsung Galaxy On5 for only $119.00 ( you could even find it for $69 on Rollback!) Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to this link here or your local Walmart for current pricing. In today's time and age, we are closely connected to the rest of the world, family, and friends through our phones and the Samsung Galaxy On5 has all the capabilities to adapt to your lifestyle. Whether you use your phone for social media, emailing or entertainment, you can easily do all of that with Unlimited* talk, text, and data. *Includes up to 10GB of 4G LTE† data then 2G. All you have to do is go in, choose your phone, pick a data plan ( the one featured here is only $49.88 ) and activate with a SIM Kit valued at $19.88. Now you're ready to go, and with the data plan featured here you also get a free VUDU movie pass every month (valued at $7). Find out how we made the most of our tax cash for family movie nights in the tutorial down below!

Walmart Family Mobile Plus with the Samsung On5

How To Make The Most Of Family Movie Night With Your Tax Cash Back

Alright! On to the fun stuff! Growing up, I enjoyed sitting down with my parents and family members to watch a movie (or two) and eating snacks or ice cream. I want to relive all the good memories with my daughter and I'm using my tax cash back to make some of these come to life. As mentioned in the paragraphs above, you want to give your family the best and here is how you can take your family movie night to the next level!

Our daughter loves balloons so we wanted to add the things she loves to her play area, also the same place where we watch movies. I got some streamers, a couple of stars to hang up, and paired them with white balloons. Instead of filling the balloons with helium, I filled them with oxygen and let them drop down from the ceiling. Get creative and try different set ups! I pinned the balloons to the ceiling with clear thumbnails (most clear tape won't stick very well). You can add a lot of character to a room with balloons alone and I would say you could even have a small movie party with family or your children's friends.

My wife and I got tired of the kids writing on the walls with markers and crayons, so we decided to paint a whole wall with chalkboard paint so the kids can write and draw all they want! Thanks to my tax cash back I could give back to my family! On family movie nights we write the announcement on the wall and plan crafts, DIY, or snacks for us to enjoy. Not will the wall last for a long time, but we can all enjoy it as a family. 

Whoever doesn't like food, isn't alive. We love food and like to get creative with ordinary things found around the kitchen. We made mini popcorn balls that are tasty and kid friendly. To make these popcorn balls you will need:

1 - 10 Oz bag of mini marshmallows
2 - bags of your favorite popcorn
1 Tablespoon of Maple Syrup
1/2 Stick of Butter

If you are a meat lover, you can even chop some bacon and turn these into Mini Maple Bacon Popcorn Balls!

By switching to Walmart Family Mobile I can enjoy my phone service and my time with my daughter on family movie night. We have a chalkboard we can all draw on. We can get creative with snacks, and have a free movie every month with the Unlimited* talk, text, and data plan! *Includes up to 10GB of 4G LTE† data then 2G.

party tutorial

party decorations

Party Decor

party decor ideas

party decor ideas

party decor idea

How Will You Use Your Tax Cash Back?

changing habits

4 Easy Ways You Can Be More Productive

2:04 PM

We live in times where everything moves so fast that it's easy to feel like you've fallen behind. Everyone has the same 24 hours but we all carry ourselves differently. Over the years I've learned that I get the most out of my days when I have made changes to my daily habits.The following can be applied to anyone, not just parents. So here are 4 easy ways you can be more productive!

4 Easy Ways You Can Be More Productive

1. Wake Up Earlier

We are not all morning people, neither am I, but doing so allows me to do so much much more throughout the day. I can go on a run and workout before it gets too hot outside, make breakfast, run errands, all before the kids wake up.

2. Be Organized

This is key to saving time. We are not all organized and it's not a matter of having OCD or not. Designate a place for each thing or things and when the need for that particular item comes around you will know exactly where to find it. Avoid digging around and losing time by being organized. We can be messy, but as long as there's a place for everything, it's ok!

3. Stop Taking Your Phone To The Restroom

Most, if not all of us, are guilty of this one. Some habits can have a negative effect on our work and this one is definitely one of them. I used to do this all the time but stopped once I realized how much time I was losing from projects, work, and family. Remember, this is about being productive, so if you really have nothing going on and you are free from unfinished business, you're free to do whatever you want.

4. Take Short Breaks Often

A while back I came across an article that mentioned a particular method to maintain focus and therefore increasing productivity. This is called the Pomodoro Technique. You can read some more information on this here as well as this one. Ever since I've implemented this technique, I've completed so much more work and remain focused during long periods of time. I'm a very antsy person so this allows me to get up and stretch, use the restroom, or eat a quick snack. 

I hope you found these easy ways to be more productive helpful! If there are any other methods or techniques that have helped you, don't forget to mention them in the comment section below!

Here is a short video about the 4 easy ways you can be more productive

QOTD: What are some things you do that help you throughout the day?

discovery green roller rink

Houston: The Texas Shaped Pool At The Marriot Marquis

12:24 PM

Needless to say, we are always up to something whether it is at home or out and about. We start the weekend with one idea that eventually becomes something completely different, and we love it that way. Houston is a big and beautiful city and have yet to see all the things the city has to offer. One of the things we wanted to see up close was the Texas shaped pool on top of the Marriot Marquis and since we were hanging around at Discovery Green, we decided to go up and check it out!

This was one of the highlights of the day but we did so much more! We stopped by my Grandma's place to eat, then we made our way to downtown where the rest of the adventure happened before going to Torchy's Tacos to end the day. Even though we didn't get in the pool ( it was a bit cool outside), we are looking forward to going back in the summer and share with you all another awesome adventure! See it all on the Vlog below! 

What has been the coolest pool you've been to?