We're Expecting!!! | #DadTalkThursday


Yes!!! We are expecting baby #2 !! This is beyond exciting for us and we can't wait to see what new adventures life brings us. Baby 2 will make us a family of four and I think that is the perfect number of kids for us and what we do. We originally wanted 2-3 kids 3-5 years apart, but we came to the conclusion that 5 years may be a bit too far apart for us and so 3 it was.

If any of you remember our birth story, you can recall that our pregnancy with Mila was somewhat of a miracle and the birthing experience was nothing close to magical. After many months of trying to conceive with Mila, we thought that a second baby would be even harder and that wasn't really the case this time, which makes it all that more exciting! This is a special dad moment and I'm looking forward to the first six months of our newborn baby! As I often say, I think the first six months are the most crucial in a baby's life.

We're blessed to have the opportunity to live the way we do, have a supportive family, and be there for our kids whenever they need us. With that being said, it is also important to note that the first two years of us doing what we do now were not easy and took a lot of time, effort, headhaches, frustrations, and countless sleepless nights. It was a risk we took and we are now starting starting to reap the rewards from all the seeds we have been planting these years.

This is why we are calling this time our lives, chapter 2, not only because of baby 2, but becasue this is just the beginning of another stage in our lives together. Join our journey and be a part of our online communities as we write our next chapter in life.

So, baby #3? Hmmm, that is something we have talked about but we are not sure if we'll do it. We're open to the possibility but it may be highly unlikely.

We first release a short video on Facebook and Instagram but it was not really direct, then a few hours later, released the announcement photos you see here!

Thanks to everyone that has supported and joined our communities. It doesn't matter if you've followed since day 1 or just came across our pages today, we are highly appreciative of everyone and glad you are here. We're here thanks to you all, the connections we've made through networking, our will to keep learning new things, and our adventurous spirit. We love going places and we hope you all can follow alone! This will be fun!

Don't Forget To Praise Your Wife | #DadTalkThursdays


We often forget that there are many parts in a society, a system, business or organization, and it's the same at home, with the only difference being that there are two persons making it all work. Sometimes we try to go 50-50 on all duties but in reality, it never really works. We end up doing a 70-30 split or vice versa. Every day is different and sometimes we can't get around to everything. This is where communication is key in a relationship and as simple as it may sound, it makes a big difference.

As a dad, it's not 100% about the kids all the time. We have to be considerate of our partners too. Their well being, time, and efforts are to be valued and they should be appreciated for the things they do that we don't see. Sometimes as men/husbands, we take a lot of things our wives do for granted and we don't show them our appreciation often enough for those things. Some may say "well she doesn't tell me or shows appreciation" and it's not about that. Just being thankful for having a loving person by your side and letting them know they are great, beautiful, and an awesome parent. It can be the small gestures that keep the sanity in a home.

Parenting is a wonderful thing and even with all the ups and downs, I wouldn't change anything about it. My wife has been a great person to do this with and we have both learned new things about each other. There are days when I have to go out to meetings, shoot videos, or run errands and the house is left a mess all for my wife to look after. And with two toddlers, cleaning up isn't the easiest task. Somehow my wife gets it all done and more. Other times, it's the other way around. My wife goes out and I stay behind with the kids to clean, cook, and laundry to do. On top of the work we do from home, this makes for a full day of things to do. We get our things done and sometimes we don't get to all of them.

I simply appreciate my wife for everything she does, Even though we both work from home, we both often do things we don't see each other do and it isn't to impress each other. We know the responsibilities of every day and we get as much of them done. Sometimes I forget to tell my wife "thank you" or "I appreciate you doing that for me" and let her know a few days later.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and can be a great time to commit to making this coming year one of appreciation for our significant others.

Until next #Dadtalkthursdays,

Exploring Dallas In The 2018 RAV4 Hybrid Limited | #Letsgoplaces


Ever have one of those trips that come out to be pretty cool even though you weren't really looking forward to it? Well, this weekend was exactly that, and even though we had other plans in mind, we ended up going to some pretty cool places with the kids. We had the 2018 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Limited and were excited to go places! The drive from Houston to Dallas was just as nice and smooth as our previous trip in the Highlander Hybrid, and we may be going there more often. There's lots to explore there! After all, 4 hours of driving is not bad at all, and make our trips to San Antonio and Austin feel rather short and quick. I was on a mission to connect with nature and share the beautiful outdoors with the kids, and we found some great places to do just that!

Throughout my teenage years, my parents would take my siblings and me camping, fishing, and biking through trails. It's also good to mention now that I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was a kid and being outdoors, grew into a passion for learning about wildlife and the environments around us. The outdoors is where most of my most memorable moments were made and now as a dad, it's also where many memories have been made with the kids.

One of the first places we stopped at was Pioneer Plaza in Downtown Dallas. It's a small green space spanning 4.2 acres of open public space that was converted from an empty parking lot in 1992 to one of the most visited places in Dallas. The main attraction here is are the 32 cowboys and 70 longhorns being driven down a hill and across a creek. I also learned that in 1927 the longhorn was in danger of extinction but the federal government placed 2 herds in wildlife refuges to preserve them. For a small space, Pioneer Plaza sure packs a lot of history!

Pioneer Plaza
1428 Young St. Dallas, TX 75202

Downtown Dallas, is one of my favorite skylines and amidst all the modern architecture and busy life, you can find small green spaces and plazas around the city. We didn't spend too much time here as it was getting close to rush hour so we went off to eat and find a place where the kids could run and burn off some energy.

The Following day we planned to go out to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and see the dinosaurs. That's all the kids are living for at the moment! We saw Mila's favorites, T-Rex and Brachiosaurus! There's a lot more to see and do there and there are some fun interactive activities. We got on an earthquake simulation plate, saw a tornado form, opened an amethyst geode, and raced a T-Rex!! This is a great place to hang out and learn with the kids and family. Plan to spend 3-4 hours here. Lots to do and see. Sharing our love for life that is, and used to be, with the kids can spark curiosity and interest to learn more. I think we will have lots of dinosaur talk for a while!

Perot Museum of Nature and Science
2201 N. Field St. Dallas, TX 75201

Our last day led us into Fair Park Children's Aquarium. This place is pretty cool and kid-friendly of course! There are great aquarium displays, fun for the kids, and plus, they have sharks! The kids hadn't really seen real sharks before this so this was a cool experience for them. We came across an injured sea turtle and explained to the kids that some turtles get hurt and need to be cared for before being released back to the wild. They're not even 3 yet so this may take a while for them to really understand. Once we walked around the aquarium and getting ready to head out, we saw that there was more to the place and walked outside to find a large tank with black tip reef sharks, zebra sharks and other large fish! There was also a rays tank where you could touch and feed them! This was all during the week so there were no lines or people bumping into you. It was as if we had the whole place to ourselves!

Children's Aquarium at Fair Park
1462 1st Ave Dallas, TX 75210

Dallas has a lot to offer and we are sure to be back! Even if it's just to race with the T-Rex again! Thanks to the RAV4, we've been able to go places we only briefly thought about, and now we have been able to live up to the #letsgopplaces hashtag. The kids are still young but as we spend more time outdoors, we can teach them the importance of wildlife conservation and caring for our environment.

What are some kid-friendly places we need to see and do in Dallas next time!??

Dallas Murals

The New Way To File Your Taxes With Turbo Tax


Tax season has officially begun! W2's were sent out on January 30th and that means you can get ready to file your taxes!

I have partnered with TurboTax this tax season to share with you some awesome new features and let you know that filing taxes has never been easier! I have filed taxes with TurboTax online and it has been a breeze! We all get nervous or are unsure about tax season because there is a lot of information and blanks to fill in. If filing taxes easy and free were not good enough for you, then the new TurboTax features are sure to make tax season a whole lot easier for you.

Maybe you haven't heard of TurboTax before, so let me give you a little background on it. TurboTax is the #1 best-selling tax preparation software to file taxes online. You can easily file federal and state income taxes online with 100% accuracy. The process is very easy. TurboTax is a program that works like an interview, it asks you simple questions about your life which you already know the answers to. The program does ALL the rest including filling out the information into the right forms for you. Some key benefits of filing your taxes this way are that you are guaranteed the maximum refund; the program makes sure does a complete check of your information; and provide 100% accurate calculations. All the hard work is done by the software and the fear of missing information or doing your taxes on your own is long gone!

I freaked out the first time I filed my taxes on my own, who am I kidding, I think most of us feel and probably some still feel the same way. I filed my taxes with TurboTax and I realized that I was overthinking the whole tax deal. It was so easy!  Did you know that with the TurboTax App you can just take a photo of your W2's and the information will populate automatically? Taxes shouldn't be scary anymore at all!  
On top of everything I already shared with you, new this year TurboTax launched a new product, TurboTax Live. This is a new tax preparation experience that allows you to connect from your computer and speak to bilingual Certified Public Accountants or Enrolled Agents with over 10 years of experience, from the comfort of your living room providing you that extra reassurance you might need. And IF you still need an extra push, TurboTax Live experts can review your entire tax return before you click file and sign it if necessary.  Now, you can feel a 100% confident your taxes are done right without getting out of your own house. I can’t think about any other product that gives you the best of both worlds: easy convenient and more money in my pocket!

I remember that doing your taxes used to be like doing your homework, but now it's more like sending an email. I'm glad I discovered this new way of filing taxes! Times are different now, and with technology advancements, you can do this during breakfast before going to work and then come back to it wherever you are or whenever you have time. TurboTax’s program allows you to file from your tablet, computer and even from your smartphone. It is not hard! With TurboTax product features and offers like W-2 Snap and Auto Fill, Absolute Zero, TurboTax Live, SmartLook, and others that I will be sharing with you throughout this 2017 tax season, you can be sure to get the most out of the TurboTax software! Don't forget that the tax deadline is April 17, 2018!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Intuit. The opinions and text are all mine.

2018 Houston Auto Show | More Than A Showcase, An Experience


The 2018 Houston Auto Show was the best one yet. At least for me it was. And I think the kids can say the same! There were so many cool cars and trucks, the kids just wanted to get inside all of them. From the anticipation of car unveilings to being able to test drive some of the cars, you get an experience like no other. The car show is more than just cars being showcased, it's an experience, and those are the things we live for in life. 

In case you missed it. Here are some photos from the 3 days I was able to attend the Houston Auto Show. I'll be uploading the vlog here soon. I'm actually currently in Dallas and it's not always the easiest to edit when traveling! Also, currently driving the 2018 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Limited AWD! I'll be sharing photos, a blog and video by the end of the week! 

Ok so let's get on to the bread and butter!

Some photos were from the Preview Night Gala, others from Press Day, and some from Saturday, general admission.

Let me know in the comments below which cars you would have liked to see and/or drive? Did you know that some manufacturers will give you a gift card for driving their vehicles at the Auto Show? 

I hope you can make it to the 2019 Houston Auto Show!

Nissan Star Wars

2018 Mazda MX-5

What makes a great auto show?


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